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Diaspora IRC Chat

DiasporaGames is happy to provide a chat option to it's members, using an advanced IRC Web Client and a stable IRC Network dedicated to Diaspora and SciFi, we hope to build the SciFi community of tomorrow.

Please enter a nickname and choose the chat room you wish to enter. Do NOT include spaces, make them underscores _ . Thanks.
If you have ANY problems connecting, contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Using Mibbit interface:

Nickname: (Not required)

          (* make sure popups from this site are not blocked)

No Flooding/Cloning.
No Hacking/Cracking/Illegal Activities.

Basic Commands
NICK command
In order to change nick while in the Java Applet use the command: /Nick New-Nickname
Example: /Nick FSFUser

JOIN command
In order to join a channel while in the Java Applet use the command (All Channels starts with #): /Join #New-Channel
Example: /Join #FSF

ACTION command
In order to write an action while in the Java Applet, use the command: /me walks the dog or /me fires a phaser