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4CH H.265 AI Mobile DVR


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  • l New His solution, H.265 compression mode, the same image quality stream than H.264 can reduce space and traffic by 40%. Multi-stream recording.

    Integrate AI functions: DSM/driver State monitor(driver fatigue, distracted, calling, smoking detection) ADAS (LDW,FCW).

    l 4CH MDVR, built-in one AHD camera, and support 3CH external.

    l Support hybrid mode, optional 1080P / 720P / D1 / HD1 / CIF video, adjustable frame rate and picture quality;

    l New flat interface, support remote control or Mouse via LCD screen, and Mobile Phone APP Configuration directly.

    l Support mobile Phone APP preview maintenance, real-time preview function of mobile terminal  

    l Professional car power supply design, 10-36V DC wide voltage input; overload, undervoltage, short circuit, reverse connection and other protection circuits, suitable for various vehicles;

    l Provide DC12V power output, which can provide constant voltage power for multiple peripheral devices such as cameras, small screens, etc., with a maximum output of 1.5A;

    l TF card records data (supports up to 2 large-capacity cards), which can completely resist data damage caused by vibration and dust on the car, so that the product can adapt to harsh road conditions that most products cannot adapt to;

    l Easy to install with 3M directly, save 1/10 installation time comparing to normal MDVR

    l High level industrial Design of hardware and firmware ensure the stable working of itself and peripheral electronic equipment

    l Detachable and dust-proof design to protect TF, SIM Card, antenna and connection ports.

    l Integrated front camera can be adjusted in the vertical direction, and the camera could be completely locked through the structure after adjustment

    l Integrated vehicle Microphone, and Speaker, convenient to two-way talk.

    l Four status Led indicators to show device working status

    l Support  WiFi and Wifi hotspot (share 6ID max)

    l Built-in GPS/BD modules to achieve speed, position, time and route management

    l Support line departure and area entry and exit alarm, device max can save 16 lines and areas

    l Support driving line departure and area in and out alarms, the device can save up to 16 lines and areas

    l Integrated 3 / 4G communication module for remote monitoring and management

    l Built-in G-SENSOR module can realize automatic alarm upload of abnormal vibration, rollover, impact, and sudden brake

    l 1CH AV Output

    l Support dual TF cards (max 256G each)

    l 5CH alarm input, 1CH of alarm output, support photo capturing manually 

    l 1CH USB , 2CH RS232 and 1CH RS485

    l Support PTZ control, fuel sensor, LED advertising screen, etc .

    l Support TTS alert function, English

    l Delay shutdown function, delay time can be set; can achieve ultra-low power sleep, GPS position can continue to report in sleep state; keep location updated

    l Richmor vehicle professional RMVS software can realize remote monitoring and management functions of computers and mobile phones

    l  Supports low temperature startup and work. The machine has a highly reliable heat dissipation design, and the working temperature can reach: -40℃ to 70℃.

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