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Million HD 7204 Series Car Hard Disk Video Recorder MDVR


  • Summary
  • Parameter
  • Size
  • H.264 hard compression mode supports 4 channels of real-time 1080P high-definition audio and video input.
    Real-time up to one million high-definition video, video 1080P/720P/D1/HD1/CIF optional, frame rate and image quality adjustable.
    Support built-in maximum 2TB professional hard disk +256G SD card image recording, multi-level shockproof technology.
    Support 3G and 4G networks;
    Support built-in GPS, G-sensor gyroscope and WIFI module.
    Support external WIFI module, 2 high-speed USB2.0 interfaces;
    8-way alarm input and 2-way alarm output, supporting linkage audible and visual alarm and oil and power cut.
    Built-in hard disk heating function (optional), support card reader, oil sensor, LED screen and other expansion.
    Power supply: Support 6V-36V.
    Overall dimensions: 187(W)x60(H)x203(D) mm
    Weight: 1.9Kg
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