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Public bus

Richmor Public Bus Solution

Richmor Public Bus Solution

Richmor has various of vehicle CCTV surveillance system, consisting of a mix of AHD and network/IP cameras in place. Real-time usage of video surveillance is viewing live video / monitoring, or using video recorders as a tool if any incident. Additionally video analytic can be added to support the detection of an incident. The vast majority of respondents is using video footage for investigation and evidence collection. And HD Image quality for video surveillance is key point to ensure the evidence is valid in any case.

Public bus system solution

  • 8CH 1080p AHD or IPC, H.265 HDD MDVR .
  • Passenger counting reports by fleet management server platforM
  • 4G GPS WIFI live video managment by monitor centre
  • RFID for driver attendence;
  • Intercom two-way talking from monitor room by server platform
  • Free smart Ivehicle platform software 


Full time Secure video System

Richmor mobile digital video recorders allview of vehicle inside and outside, audio, and vehicle telemetry data to give you fulltime durable information of all buses.

Effective Video Management

Access to check the bus anywhere with 4G wireless technology. And Easily to monitor and download the video for any installed bus for accident, or deliver sharp, crisp images critical for criminal investigations.

Smart Comprehensive Vehicle management

Kinds of daily operation digital alarms reports(speeding,emergency breakdown...), events video analyse, oil/power cut-off remotely, full solution to help bus operators manage bus lines easily. 

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