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Oil Gas & Dangerous Goods Truck Solution

Richmor Anti-Exploration AI Solution

Oil& Gas is one of the most important logistics and also the most dangerious transportation due to the  inflammable and explosive material.

In case any accident happen, it will cause extremely serious harm.  And the safe driving of tanker truck is always the top priority for all over the world. So a reliable system for the accident, by monitoring driver behaviors, driver safety and truck security is imperative such as over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, fatigue driving, distracted driving etc.

Richmor oil & Gas dangerious Truck Solution 

  • Video surveillance for evidence: Supports live video monitoring, real time GPS tracking, kinds of digital alarm video or snapshot. Anti-Explorsion camera supported with AUX certificates.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: event video clips or capture photos which can auto- upload to center server. Alarm reports. Alarms includes: harsh brake, harsh acceleration, fatigue driving, smoking, phone call during driving, non-distraction driving, collision, lane departure, fuel sensor trigger or product level sensor trigger, panic trigger, pedestrian detection alerts.
  • Telematics features: freecomprehensive software for fleet management features, and support Integration via API
  • Redundant system: fireproof box storage for backup recording; UPS for power backup.
  • Big improve the security of the driver, cargo and trucks. 
  • Save cost for vehicle maintenance and insurance
  • Secure 100% video or photos evidences for accident. 
  • Easy operation for customer, merging all systems into one. 

Download: Richmor Anti-Exploration AI Solution

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