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Logistics vehicle

Logistics vehicle surveillance solution

 Richmor AI MDVR logistic truck Solution

The ultimate goal of logistics management is to reduce costs,Improve service levels,This requires logistics enterprises to grasp the information of the transportation vehicles timely,Paramilitary and realize the real-time monitoring and dispatching of the transportation vehicles. The development of modern communication technology, maturity of GPS Technology and the wide application of GSM wireless communication technology provide powerful and effective tools for modern logistics management.


 Richmor AI MDVR logistic truck Solution

  • Up to 6/8 channels AHD H.364 MDVR, full view of truck and trailer cargos.
  • Surveillance of blind spots, pedestrian detection alerts
  • Detach-able trailer connectors, to provide convenience, when trailer is detached and assembled to tractor.
  • Real-time GPS tracking monitoring, and event-based video uploading.
  • AI alerts to secure the safety of driver, road security of trucks:  DSM, Safety Belt, Hands-off wheels. ADAS: LDW, FCW, HMW;  Driver face recognition


  • Save more than 30% operation costs by driving behavior monitoring;
  • Full solution for driver, cargo, trucks safety and security, compresensive solution for fleet managment;
  • Increase the efficiency by precessing eletronic reports;
  • 3rd Party Support fleet manage software platform;

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