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School bus

Intelligent monitoring solution for school bus

Industry background and solution overview

   Campus vehicle safety monitoring system is not only provide guarantee for student, but also being very important for driver behavior. After GPS installation on vehicle,it can upload vehicle status by real time, driver can always check the road conditions, driving routes over a period of time, etc., but also can make alarming trigger for the burglar, over-speeding, Geo fence etc 27 cases of alarm, so that school can check bus situation from inside and outside, make sure the safety of students in the vehicles, parents gain childrens security conditions through SMS, e-mail.

For schools and government departments, the implementation of campus vehicle safety management system is more significant.  After the school bus is installed with GPS, it can access the satellite positioning and monitoring center for real-time monitoring so as to achieve the functions of preventing driver's fatigue driving, over-speeding and cross-driving in real time, through video, it can  eliminate the occurrence of overload, to avoid accidents, which ensure the safety of school bus driving and maintaining social stability.


 business background

From oversea market, the related government have done lots to protect students including from school bus quality,safety laws making, however, in order to better prevent fighting events,transportation accidents,all sides(school side,parents,government) need to move on security monitoring application for bus for following functions:

1.  prevent crime events happen among students
       2.  avoid fighting violence events
       3.  tracking students location
       4. monitoring drivers actions such as over-speed,fatigue driving etc
       5.  prevent overload driving etc violation actions
        6.  prevent terrorist activity happen
        7.  record all law-breaking events

the practical solution details for your reference

(1) The overall management for school vehicle;

Realization of "stay at home, control overall situation", the full realization of digital, visual management mode.

(2) Standardize daily operation process for  school bus;


The system can track location with gps function for school buses, and it will display on the electronic map by real time, which realize the monitoring for vehicle driving route,operation mode and speed, so as to achieve standardized management of the school buses.

3)Improve the degree of informatization, digital operation, improve the operating efficiency of school bus operators, provide excellent technical support;

Using satellite positioning, voice calls, SMS, wireless network and other vehicle-mounted devices for dynamic command and coordination of school bus operations.

(4) Improve school bus vehicle operating efficiency and vehicle use efficiency, reduce the school bus operating costs and enhance the ability to resist risks

(5) The management level of the vehicle operation enterprises has been raised, which enables the managers control and manage the vehicles in the field more scientifically and effectively. 

(6) It helps to standardize the safety of the school bus industry, monitor and supervise remotely, reduce the cost of inspection and examination, and improve our regulatory measures.

 Regardless of the state of the school bus, it can be monitored through the satellite system so as to realize standardized operation and provide an effective guarantee for the stable operation of the school bus. At the same time, the use of the system will enhance vehicle scheduling and management, reduce manpower and material resources, and enhance work efficiency.

 outstanding features of solution

(A) professional program design, with many years of experience in the field of video surveillance applications and application background of the industry;

(B) Possess advanced technology and professional certification (document management, shock absorption design, power management, etc.);

(C) using H2.64 high compression video codec, high-definition video, large-capacity hard drive for long storage;

 (D)   Support a variety of network transmission, including 3G real-time transmission and WIFI (expandable) high-speed transmission &download function;

(E) advanced platform & management software, fully consideration and combined with industry applications, multi-features, easy to operate;

(F) reserved many interface, good expansion of features, expand business applications;

(VII) good expansion and integration ready to meet the business needs of the school bus industry ;

Can be extended to support a variety of mobile terminal users, managers can view site operations at anytime, anywhere;

(Ix) Achieved a unified global command and management, distributed data storage management requirements.


Mainly used in: school bus intelligent scheduling, job evaluation.

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