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Taxi/Network Online car

Taxi and Online Car-hailing Video Surveillance Solutions

Taxi and Online Car  Solution

For historical reasons, the situation for the taxi market is quite complicated in the last few years. And the management for the taxi industry is very difficult! Richmor have several level system for Taxi solutions that helps the Taxi and transportation market address the changes and take advantage of it.The Challenges For Taxi operators:

l Drivers’ and Passengers’ safety, Illegal Operation, Illegal Gathering

l People and vehicles matching: can not take the taxi, the driver drive bypass, purposely ignore passengers

Service Quality Non-standard pricing table, barbarian services, violent service, refusing complaint.

Higher labor cost to solve and check the problems .

Low efficiency, no evidence, high insurance pay


2CH/4CH all-in-one Dashcam MDVR, or touch monitor terminal MDVR

HD video streaming and recording for the operators to protect taxi drivers and passenger during the operation, improve the safety for taxi.

End-to-end solution: integrated navigation, POS, Driver E-licenses, advertising LED screen.

WIFI Hotpots, second show to backseet screen for media play, advertiging, pay amount.

Mileage reports, speed reports, event video supported for better taxi data analyst,driver evaluation management.


Real-time location, video query (intelligently upload location information)

Out of region management (to achieve round, rectangular, polygonal area (each 50), out of the area alarm)

Vehicle alarm function (Over-speed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, low pressure alarm, etc)

SOS help button (to achieve emergency help alarm)

Multi-channel serial port, high extensible ability(external camera, fuel consumption, etc)

Various ways to check the location (Client software, APP)

The number of interfaces meet future expansion needs;

Support to embede customized taxi mode, overvalue operator brand.

Easy to evaluate drivers KPI,

Cut down operation cost, increase profits from commercial advertising. 

Download:Taxi and Online Car-hailing Video Surveillance Solutions

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