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Patrol car

Law enforcement and Patrol car solution

Law enforcement and Patrol car solution

I.  Industry status and requirements

In the current situation, terrorism is endangering state security, social public security and the biggest harm citizens' life and property security. In view of the current domestic situation, further study of how to effectively prevent and fight terrorism, to prevent and curb the occurrence of terrorist crime, is to maintain national security and frontier stability, is the important guarantee of building a harmonious society in an all-round way. Anti-terrorist emergency command mechanism construction is the important content of counter-terrorism strategy. From the fight against terrorism of domesstic and international status, it is necessary to establish a responsive, well-coordinated and efficient command mechanism in order to effectively deal with the terrorist activities.
Anti-terrorist emergency command system construction in China should be in the functional requirements for traction, on the basis of daily prevention mechanism, based on the actual combat, focused, responsive, for efficient popurse, from the command system, regulations, and safeguard ability, command team construction, must notice relations with countries other emergency mechanism, in order to make full use of all resources and unified command. Based on the current anti-terrorism task characteristics and the demand in China, Shenzhen Richmor Technology Development Co., LTD., pioneered anti-terrorism mobile command platform, the system with high speed, high performance processor and embedded operating system, combined with the latest technology, areas of IT to ensure that anti-terrorism mobile command platform to achieve the dynamic advancement, to make sure the system platform has been the international first-class level.
II. System overview and analysis
Anti-terrorism mobile command platform integrated use of the latest 3 g / 4 g video monitoring technology and GPS satellite positioning technology, the police law enforcement for all-round, three-dimensional, intelligent security monitoring, real-time view the portable mobile enforcement box working state, once emergency occurs,  it is conducive and timely to make judgments and take measures to greatly improve the speed of the emergency response, and to minimize losses.
Control the attendance of staff;
Improve the safety of attendance and reduce the occurrence of accidents;
Improve service quality
III. Overall system structure
1. System ideas
The anti-terrorist mobile command platform is a systematic platform for developing and popularizing applications based on the characteristics, tasks, objectives and digitization, networking and intelligent development direction of the current counter-terrorism work. It is integrated with the portable command box, the 3G portable recorder system, mege pixel HD PTZ and the user reserve open interface module.
◆ Intelligent GPS satellite positioning system -- the device uses GPS module to obtain current location information, including current latitude, current speed, current working speed vector azimuth, current time, etc.
Through the monitoring system platform, and combined with GPS electronic map, to monitor the vehicle's accurately positioned, and a series of GPS management
Using the existing GPS global positioning system.
◆ 3G wireless video monitoring system -- the device has built-in 3G/4G module (WCDMA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA), and the front-end law enforcement, video, voice and other information are transmitted to the monitoring center via wireless network in real time. Commands can also be obtained from the monitoring center.
◆ Monitoring system platform -- monitoring system platform is the core of the whole monitoring system.
2. Device design
The device monitoring system includes the portable command box, the 3G portable recorder system and the MP HD PTZ.
1) MP HD PTZ is mounted on top of the car, used for 360-degree view of the police car around the clock.
2) Control keyboard inside the car and can be installed in the position of the side driving, which can be used to control the PTZ
3) Display screen inside the car and can be installed in the side driving position to observe the image information collected by the PTZ
4) Portable command box can realize mobile law enforcement and easy to use. Built-in battery, one key open. The built-in laser infrared PTZ camera, 18X optical zoom, SONY chipset, high video quality, and the law enforcement box can be opened to a wide range of law enforcement monitoring. The box has waterproof function, Not easily damaged. Battery life reaches 7 hours. And it can be used while charging.
5) The 3G portable recorder system is a super small surveillance video surveillance equipment, designed for the personal portable security products; Integrated audio and video monitoring and scheduling command function, seamless docking of vehicle DVR and management platform, realizing the integrated solution of monitoring the car and people; Can upgrade 4G network, support large capacity micro-sd card storage, USB backup; Industrial design, convenient operation, powerful function, stable and reliable system. Support mobile phone monitoring. Applicable to traffic police, patrol, urban management, marine defense, armed police, insurance, security, railway, court, mineral energy, enterprise inspection, interview, etc.
The actual installation position of each equipment is determined by the condition of the vehicle and the specific requirements of the customer.
3. Platform transmission mode and features
4G/3G transmission network, all kinds of mobile 4G and 3G network.
Network transmission features:
1) Support dual code streams (independent video streams and network transmission streams)
2) Suitable for narrowband transmission and wireless transmission, 4G, 3G and 2G network adaptive
3) Support the video streaming of MP HD format in wireless network environment
4) Support remote network real-time monitoring and real-time video recording
5) Support two-way audio transmission, which can be used in two-way voice or language broadcast via the Internet
6) Support wireless video transmission code flow to automatically adjust to achieve optimal transmission effect
7) Can support WIFI wireless transmission, wireless browsing video or video download, etc
Note: the actual 4G/3G transmission effect is related to the local 4G/3G network environment and the construction of the operators
4. Overall design of the platform
Mobile wireless 4G/3G video management platform is a comprehensive management platform for real-time monitoring and remote operation of all on-board equipment and users.
The management platform is the core of the whole three-dimensional, intelligent video monitoring and GPS location monitoring and management system. The system adopts C/S architecture (server/client) is stable and reliable. The GPS management functions include real-time vehicle tracking, alarm center, geographic information management, historical travel tracking, and vehicle center. Video monitoring features include video real-time browsing monitoring and alarm video prompt, video storage download and playback analysis, user setup and management, device management, system management, alarm access, etc.
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Download:Law enforcement and Patrol car solution

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