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The Diaspora Community link repository is for games and game resource links. All members are welcome to add links to our database, but please read over our link posting standards and understand the terms of service before posting.

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  • Gaming Resources
    Any websites that contain useful resources for gamers or game leaders.
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    Deutschlands ältestes Interaktivrollenspiel. Werde - Willkommen im STARFLEET UNIVERSE, dem Rollenspiel des offiziellen Star Trek Clubs Wenn Du glaubst Du bist bereit für die Sternenflotte, dann beweise es! 905
    PBEM Players 1236
    Scifi Chrome - Welcome to Scifi Chrome. I have been acquiring links to free rss feeds. So much so that I have divided them into four pages- Fiction, Scifi, Anime and Games. 751
    Star Trek Alien Races - Looking for a race for a character you might place? This website lists many popular ones for you. 824
    The PBeM News - Internet repository for recruiting and advertising messages for games. 812
    Xiang Monthly Newsletter - Comedy newsletter for Star Trek simming enthusiasts. 728

    Game Website
    All games that have websites are welcome to post their link here for approval.
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    Akaka Colony - Akaka - A planet rich in resources and surrounded by major powers but inhospitable to life. What will happen to the Starfleet officers and civilians on Akaka? 756
    Arcade Doctors - Online gaming site with over 2000 games free to play. 831
    Archimedes PBB Sim - Star Trek PBB sim that undertakes science like missions where StarFleet and Civilian Contracted Scientists work side by side - sort of... 695
    Bravo Fleet HQ - The HQ for the Bravo Fleet RPG, a PBeM game based in the TNG/DS9/VOY timeline. Come join one of our 200 Simms. Features include a database, website services, and more! 734
    Dark Frontier - Dark Frontier simulation, a member of the Epsilon Fleet - Fedeartion Sim Fleet. 664
    Deep Range Fleet - The year is 2385, ten years after the Dominion War. The United Federation of Planets has recovered enough both economically and psychologically to allow a new era to dawn. 5451
    Dynamic Simulations Federation - The Dynamic Simulations Federation currently holds four live AOL/AIM Star Trek Simulations, and one E-mail based Harry Potter Simulation. Join one of these awesome simulations TODAY! 715
    Expedition Fleet - Expedition Fleet is a Play by E-mail (PBEM) simming group focused around Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS). Features Site Awards, a TOS Database, and much, much more! 847
    Federation Sim Group - An online non-profit roleplaying game provider for Star Trek enthusiasts. 696
    Freedom Squadron - Freedom Squadron is a Star Trek Sim group dedicated to having fun, but maintaining order. We have a variety of sims including 3 live and 1 message board sims! Plenty of positions open so come on down! 783
    Hawking Fleet - Hawking Fleet, an established PBEM focusing on the game. Join one of our vessels and take your place aboard a vessel. 796
    HeroesRPG - HeroesRPG is a forum style role-playing experience based on Tim Kring's Heroes. Come join us and you can BE A HERO too. 620
    New Worlds Project - Original science-fiction play-by-post role-playing and creative writing community. Players' characters exist in the midst of a recently declared interstellar war. 747
    Play Free Online Games - Free Online Arcade. Play 100s of free online games or add our games to your website, myspace profile or blog. No registration required. 2000
    Space Fleet's Elite Forces - We are a Star Trek Simming Group. We have AOL/AIM accessable rooms and over 14 Sims to choose from. We also have PBEM Sims available 669
    SpaceFleet OnLine - Check out SpaceFleet OnLine for all your simming needs! We have a very diverse selection of games to check from! 867
    Star Trek: A Call To Duty - Homepage of Star Trek: A Call To Duty, the only online RPG ever endorsed and funded by Paramount Pictures. 840
    Star Trek: Rebellion - A new series, 3 years after the incident with Picard and his clone, Shinzon. 742
    Starbase 593 - A few years after the fiasco with Shinzon, the Romulans broker a trade deal with the Federation through the Vulcans. Starbase 593 is the Federation's trade end point. Can we make it work? 641
    Starbase Capricorn - Starbase Capricorn Simulation by Epsilon Fleet. 667
    StarForce Simming - StarForce Simming:changing the world of simming.Less Politics, More Fun! Simming into the next generation.Star Trek, Star Wars, Alternate Universes, More genres to come! 696
    StarWars Unleashed - This is a message board based simulation, that far surpasses anything that you have ever seen before in StarWars simming! You can chat with SWU members on irc at 702
    Trek Online - Star Trek sim group running chat, email and message board sims. 1026
    U.S.S. Ulysses - The Ulysses is the flagship of the Strategic Operations Group of the Federation Frontier. As the largest ship in the fleet, the Ulysses does what others can't or won't. 654
    USS Deliverance - This is the USS Deliverance is a live AOL/AIM Simulations in the Dynamic Simulations Federation (DSF). We sim every Thursday at 8:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). 607
    USS Excalibur Homepage 687
    USS Lakota - The USS Lakota is a new Star Trek play by forum RPG. Can the longest serving hull design in the Federation, the Excelsior, continue to endure in the trying times of 2383? You decide. Join today! 643
    USS Swiftsure - The USS Swiftsure is in need of all crew members.The Dominion war is starting and without a crew and an some extra ships out to protect The Alpha Quadrant.So we need You to help make the diffrence. 666
    Xeilon Guild - A game based on the Red Dragon Inn on AOL. 645

    Mailing Lists & Message Boards
    Links to offsite mailing list and message board communities.
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    Allied Electronic Simulations Message Forum 784
    Comic Based Recruiting Mailing List 659
    Federation Sim Fleet Community - Hundreds of messages each and every single day, you won't find a more active Star Trek simming community online. 1024
    Frug - Fantasy play-by-post roleplaying forum for creative writers in an original setting. Diceless, rules light, for mature authors. 4288
    Star Trek SImulation Forum - The Star Trek™ Simulation Forum (STSF) supports online chat-based sim games and a forum-based community. It is the online roleplaying group of 968
    Starfleet Legacy Alliance Message Boards 937
    StarForce Simming - StarForce Simming, dedicated to bringing simming to the next generation. Providing fun roleplaying without the negatives! 646
    StarForce Simming- CommLINK - StarForce Simming Forums, Sims, and News 618