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Privacy Policy

This website collects some information from its visitors. On terms with full disclosure of our privacy policy, we publish this information.


Users are encouraged to register to use the message boards on this website. All information collected will be maintained under the highest security in a database. This database will not be disclosed or shared, and email addresses and usernames will not be published. You can rest assured that we will not mass mail you, nor will we give our your personal information.


This site uses cookies to store your login status and to track which posts are *new* for you. These cookies are tracked, deleted, and stored by your browser. This site will not work correctly without your browser allowing cookies to be on. The cookie contains one line of text, it stores a unique variable to identify you to our website. You are welcome to delete this cookie at any time, but keeping it will let you return to the website without "logging back in" each time.


If this website has a contest where an address is requested/collected from willing participants, that information will be immediately deleted once the contest is over. If you participate in the contest again, you will be asked for this information again.