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Resources Application

Below you will find links to gain access and or apply to resources offered here in The Diaspora Community. While many of these resources are not needed for all gamers or game leaders, we do offer them for those that need them. Please click any of the following links for the application to that resource.

-- File Library - If you or your game needs a specific file library for your game files, you are welcome to apply for one with us. All file libraries must be used for game specific files, and not stores for large files that may potentially drain the server output limits.
-- Form Application - All games need new blood, and what better way to get new blood than to have an application that people can fill out and send right to you. We offer this for you so you can integrate it into your website without any trouble at all.
-- Image/Banner Help - If you're looking for a 468x60 banner or a logo for your game or sim group, we offer our talents for just that purpose.
-- Top 50 List - Having visitors come to your website is very important, however, getting them to notice you is different. Our Top 50 List lets websites compete to become higher on the list. The higher on the list, the more likely people will visit your site when others visit ours.
-- Forum Websites - If you're looking for a centralized location for your gamers to visit, think of this as a mini-website that links all your resources together. Message board, polls, file library, application, and other such pages can be hosted on our site and updated by The Diaspora Community team quickly and easily.