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Self Guided Help

  1. IRC - Connecting and What is it?
      IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a chat medium. You can use our website to connect to our server ( by clicking on IRC Chat on the left menu. This will load a page for you to connect to the server and begin to chat (click Chat now!) You can join any of our channels or your group can even apply to have its own channels on this page.
  2. FORUMS - What are they? Can I get my own?
      Forums are message boards where all sorts of people come together and talk about any range of topics. Our boards have a range of topics, including TV and MOVIE discussions. We also have a lively chat community at that includes discussions of different sim groups and a recruiting area. Anyone is welcome to join in.
  3. POLLS - What?
      To have fun, we routinely poll our visitors to see what they're thinking. Polling into any official voting process, and polls are limited to one vote per IP address.
  4. TOP FIFTY - I am having problems!
      Not a problem. You can email me at emilyfonte at and I will fix it immediately. The Top 50 list is very popular, and every once in a while, we will reset all the stats back to 0 to give everyone a fair shot. If your account is having issues, let us know.
  5. LINKS - What is it?
      Links can go under different topic areas and you are welcome to post your link. These are more resource links than website links. Try to avoid adding your personal game website to the link list.